Braces and Popcorn: Good or Bad Match?


It’s hard to imagine a movie theatre without the smell and taste of popcorn. If people are being totally honest, popcorn is half the reason they go to the theatre in the first place! Can you eat popcorn with braces? But if you have braces (and even if you don’t), you might want to think twice about ordering the salty, … Read More

Can Braces Change Your Face?


One fear that people have when they are about to undergo orthodontic treatment is that the shape of their face will change. It is a fair concern… people are generally pretty attached to the way their face looks. Can Braces Change Your Face? Generally, the shape of the face stays the same. However, there are certain cases that the shape … Read More

Magnets and Braces: What you should know?

braces and magnets

Braces have helped millions of people get the smile they’ve always dreamed of. We love seeing people come into our office, full of anticipation and brimming with all kinds of questions. It is a great journey that we get to enjoy with our patients because after their braces have been removed, they are full of confidence and with a smile … Read More

Can I go swimming with braces?

swimming with braces

Surprisingly, one of the most common questions we have to answer for our patients is: “Can I go swimming with braces?”. Yes, you can swim with braces! We have lots of patients that are competitive swimmers. Getting braces may seem intimidating, but actually, it isn’t as bad as you think! We understand that getting braces is a big step in … Read More

Famous People with Braces

People can be reluctant to get braces because of the possible social stigma that may be associated with them. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, it can feel like an overwhelming step. And the older people get, the more hesitant they become, wondering if their social standing will slip or if they’ll have to endure taunts or snickering. The … Read More

Tips on how to get my braces off faster

how to get my braces off

Many of our patients ask us how they can speed treatment up. Let us share a few tips on how to get your braces off faster! How to get braces off faster Avoid certain foods This includes hard and sticky foods like hard candy and toffee. Other things like corn on the cob and even apples can can pull or … Read More