Are You Too Old For Adult Orthodontic Treatments?

Orthodontic Treatment

Many patients come in to our office wondering if they have missed their window of opportunity to receive orthodontic treatments. They think they might be too old to have braces or it’s too late to come up with a plan to achieve the straight, healthy smile they have always dreamed of. The truth is, with few exceptions, no one is … Read More

Living With Braces — 5 Tips to help you cope with new braces

Whether you are a teen or an adult, getting braces is a big decision, however, it will be worth it when your braces are removed and you have the most beautiful, dazzling, healthy smile.Until that day arrives, you must go through the process of living with braces. So, we at South Surrey Smiles thought we’d come up with a list … Read More

Do I need to get my teeth extracted in order to get braces?


At South Surrey Smiles, we are very conservative about removing permanent teeth. Every patient is assessed on an individual-needs basis and we try to avoid taking permanent teeth out if at all possible. In some circumstances, teeth do need to be removed. The reason for this is often because the teeth have too much mass for the jaw to accommodate. … Read More