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Can I Wear Braces with Crowns on My Teeth?

We are thrilled that more adults than ever are inquiring about orthodontic treatments and taking the brave step to get braces. We believe that it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

While young people come in with questions like, “how long will I have to wear them?” and “can I still chew gum?”, adults have a different set of concerns. Many adults approach us with some apprehension because they already have things like crowns or veneers on their teeth. They worry that because of this previous work, braces are no longer an option.

Fear not! While it’s true that crowns and other appliances like bridges or veneers require some extra consideration and planning, it is still entirely possible to get braces when you’ve had previous work done.

Let’s talk about crowns – what exactly are they and what do they do? A crown is a cover or a cap put over the tooth to restore its normal shape, size and function. They make the tooth stronger and improve its appearance. Dental crowns are used by dentists to cover problems like decay, chips or cracks in their patients’ teeth.

If a crown has been placed after a root canal, your orthodontist will have to take measures to ensure the integrity of the tooth/teeth as the braces treatment proceeds. Root canals are procedures where the enamel has been drilled out and then filled with a durable substance, often followed by a crown. In this case, the tooth will have to be carefully monitored so that the tooth remains strong as it moves around the mouth.

So if you’re wondering: Can I wear braces when I already have crowns on my teeth? The answer is, yes! Similar to a tooth with a filling, a tooth with a crown can still have brackets adhered to it and can still be moved to a new spot in the mouth. A skilled orthodontist won’t have a problem performing this procedure.

Conversely, crowns can be added after a person’s braces have been removed. This is a popular option to restore any unsightly or damaged teeth that will benefit from a crown. Adults especially often choose to get crowns on their teeth after braces. The idea is that they have gone this far so why not go all the way!

As people age, so do their teeth. And the longer people live, the more wear and tear their teeth will go through. People naturally need some restorative treatments like crowns on their teeth. At the same time, more adults are finding the inspiration and desire to straighten their teeth and get the smile they have always dreamed of.

It gives us great pleasure to help clients of all ages and with pre-existing conditions or dental work. Even in tricky cases, we will come up with a plan that lays out the best way forward. Of course, we are not miracle workers… but we’re pretty darn close when it comes to creating perfect smiles!

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