Why Us

South Surrey Smiles curve image

At South Surrey Smiles, we aim to give all our orthodontic patients something to smile about.

No matter how old you are or what problems you may have been having with your teeth, we aim to give you the best treatment to make sure your jaw bite is healthy. We want you to be able to smile with confidence once your treatment is complete, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are both healthy and beautiful.


In the early design stage for South Surrey Smiles, we expressed our vision for the physical space. We wanted the environment to be playful, colourful and sophisticated. It needed to appeal to our patient demographic, it needed to accommodate the logistical demands of a busy orthodontic practice, and it needed to be a great place to work. Driven by this vision, we created an award-winning physical space that is the home of South Surrey Smiles.


Dr. Williams has been practicing specialty orthodontics since 1997 and opened the doors to South Surrey Smiles in October, 2011.
Dr. Williams brings experience and authority to South Surrey Smiles. She is a well-recognized leader in the orthodontic profession; locally, nationally, and internationally. Yes, Dr. Williams truly stands out in the crowd!


With the help of an exceptional team, wonderful patients and patient families, an award-winning office design, hard work and vision, we created the ultimate home for South Surrey Smiles. We committed to live up to our mission: "... to create exceptional smiles and to build unparalleled patient confidence and trust”. We change lives one smile at a time!


Dr. Williams is committed to a bright future for South Surrey Smiles and for the Specialty of Orthodontics. She continues to mentor young orthodontists and is committed to “paying it forward”, as her mentors did for her. South Surrey Smiles is not going anywhere as we continue to support the community that supports us!


From the moment our patients and patient families arrive at South Surrey Smiles, we aim to provide an unmistakeable WOW experience. Grab an iPad, a custom coffee, a beverage, or enjoy our 3D movie room. We will employ our state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and technology to ease you through the process of creating your beautiful new smile.
Our model for South Surrey Smiles is patient and patient-family focused. We want each patient and patient family to have an extraordinary and positive experience.


There are many moving parts to our busy orthodontic practice. The carefully coordinated contributions of our specialty trained team keeps the practice running smoothly. We place a priority on team work, shared vision and fun.