Early Treatment FAQs

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Q: When should my child first see an orthodontist?

A: The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends for your child’s first visit to the orthodontist to take place by age 7. For a jaw growth problem or tooth problem, it might be necessary for this first visit to take place as early as age 5 or 6.

A: Treatment may not start when we first see a young patient but it is important for us to evaluate their growth and dental eruption. We see our child patients for regular complimentary recall examinations every 6 to 12 months. This process helps us to make the best recommendations at the most appropriate time.

A: Some children benefit tremendously from early phase treatment. Receiving early treatment may prevent the removal of permanent teeth later in life, or the need for surgical procedures to realign the jaws. However, unless it is truly necessary, at South Surrey Smiles we try to avoid early intervention and wait for all of the permanent teeth to erupt and do only one phase of treatment.

A: It is impossible to give an exact treatment length and cost until we have examined your child. We will cover the exact treatment length and cost during the initial examination. We have many financing options available to accommodate your needs, and we will review these with you.