Orthodontist - Dr. Lesley Williams

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Dr. Lesley Williams

Dr. Lesley Williams

Dr. Lesley Williams completed dental school and spent five years as a general dentist following which she completed three additional years of specialized graduate training in orthodontics. Dr. Williams has maintained a specialty orthodontic practice in British Columbia since 1997.

Dr. Williams is an experienced and active leader in the orthodontic profession. She is nationally and internationally recognized by professional bodies and her peers with the following important qualifications and accolades:

In addition to her wealth of experience and qualifications, Dr. Williams is committed to providing outstanding, highly individualized care for each patient. The patient and patient family experience at South Surrey Smiles is of paramount importance.

At South Surrey Smiles, Dr. Williams is supported by a dedicated team of specialty trained, experienced and certified staff who share her goals and values.

In her free time, Dr. Williams loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is adventurous, an avid golfer, and loves to travel. When you meet her, you’ll know her #1 priority is creating your beautiful new smile. Dr. Williams is committed to changing lives, one smile at a time!