Our Orthodontic Team


Deanne is our treatment coordinator. She joined South Surrey Smiles as a certified orthodontic assistant in 2010 and grew into a clinic leader when we opened our new location in 2011. Deanne now specializes in explaining treatment plans and options to new patients at their first visit. You will find Deanne’s clinical experience and understanding of orthodontics extremely helpful while she explains your orthodontic treatment. Deanne believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, she will always work with you to find an affordable payment plan to meet your needs. When Deanne is not seeing patients, she is planning the next in-office contest or event to make your journey with us fun!

Orthodontic coordinator
Orthodontic patient coordinator


Carling job shares between New Patient Coordinator and Treatment Coordinator. She will get you organized for your first visit and make you feel  right at home when you get here. Carling advanced her education in 2012 and achieved her radiography certification. She is now able to use some of the latest technology in orthodontics today with our digital panoramic and cephalometric  xray machine. Carling’s favorite part about her job is having a great team to work with. In Carlings spare time, she enjoys working on crafty DIY projects for her new home and spending time with her husband, Wells.


Brigitte is one of our certified orthodontic assistants. Patients look forward to seeing Brigitte in the clinic because she is knowledgeable and  lots of fun. Brigitte enjoys helping the kids pick out colours to put on their braces. She can relate to the patients easily because she is wearing braces too! Brigitte takes care of our ordering and makes sure that we always have the best and latest products in our office. Her ability to organize is truly amazing! You will always find Brigitte out in the community at events that we host. She is always excited to give back to our patients and the community. Brigitte looks forward to social events and getaways. Mexico is one of her favourite places to visit!

Certified Orthodontic assistant
New Orthodontic patient coordinator


Morgan is our Treatment Coordinator. Upon completing her schooling (Certified Dental Assisting), she joined a team of pediatric specialists and gained great experience with their practice. In her time working with children, Morgan has developed a very unique skill set and has a very calming way with the kids at our office; we are very lucky to have her on our team! You will meet Morgan at your first visit at South Surrey Smiles. She will walk you through your treatment options and flexible investment plans. Morgan enjoys explaining treatment to our patients. You will find her clinical experience and understanding of orthodontics extremely helpful while she explains your orthodontic treatment. Morgan understands the value of a functional bite and believes that everyone deserves and benefits from a beautiful smile; even her husband is in treatment with us! In her spare time, Morgan enjoys cooking and hiking, and even picking up a little Mandarin!


Sherry is a Certified Orthodontic Assistant. She joined South Surrey Smiles as an administrator but has since migrated to the clinic where her passion is. Sherry loves to work hands on in the clinic, she enjoys playing a part in the amazing smile transformations. Sherry says, “Not only are you improving a smile, but you are also improving patient’s self esteem”. When Sherry is not in the clinic, you will likely find her in the lab. Sherry works with Dr. Williams to fabricate our custom indirect bonding trays. This allows our patients to have the most accurate bracket placement, the shortest treatment time, and a quick & easy initial placement of their braces. Sherry is a mother of two and loves to spend time with her family outside of work.

Certified Orthodontic assistant
Orthodontic assistant


Monika is one of our certified orthodontic assistants. She is a mother of 3 and is great at relating with the kids! Monika loves teaching patients about oral hygiene. Having an extensive background in general practice, Monika is adamant that our patients have healthy teeth while working towards their beautiful and functional smiles. Aside from her clinical skills, Monika also has a very crafty and creative side to her. You can always count on her to have the office decorated for every holiday. Her creativity does not stop at the office, Monika is always spoiling us with treats, although she may not admit it, her baking is phenomenal. She takes great care of us!