Post by: / January 16, 2019

Braces and Popcorn: Good or Bad Match?

It’s hard to imagine a movie theatre without the smell and taste of popcorn. If people are being totally honest, popcorn is half the reason they go to the theatre in the first place!

Can you eat popcorn with braces?

But if you have braces (and even if you don’t), you might want to think twice about ordering the salty, crunch treat (with extra butter, please). We hate to be the bearers of bad news but unfortunately, popcorn and braces are simply not a good match.

Why? Because popcorn can be really hard on teeth, with and without braces. While the majority of kernels pop into fluffy, delicious morsels, the unpopped kernels can come as an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when we shovel a handful of the stuff into our mouths. When we bite down on those rock-solid bits, our teeth can’t always handle it and you might even end up with a cracked tooth.

What’s more, those thin husks from the kernels are famous for getting stuck between teeth. If you don’t floss often or properly, they can fester between the teeth and cause decay. Those husks can also be sharp causing cuts and abrasions that can lead to soreness, swelling and even infection.

When you throw braces in the mix, popcorn needs to be off limits. Hard kernels can bend wires and crack brackets. Also, husks can fester in all the extra nooks and crannies that come with having braces. The feeling of having husks stuck in teeth is enough to drive a person crazy, so don’t risk it and ruin your movie experience!

So what can you eat with braces?

Things that are not hard or sticky. It is best to limit sugary foods as well, but we know people need a treat from time-to-time. Here are some recommendations if you are treating your self to something sweet:

Ice cream is good, especially if you’ve just had your braces tightened. The coldness can feel great on swollen gums and because it’s so soft, it it’s good if you don’t have to chew too much. There are even sugar-free ice cream options! (It’s not great at the theatre, though, so opt for other treats that are easy to chew and that won’t do damage to your teeth and orthodontic appliances like a crunch-free chocolate bar. Think of something that will melt in your mouth.)

Deciding to get braces means that there are going to be certain adjustments to your lifestyle, including giving up a few foods. Anything sticky and/or hard to chew are best avoided since they can do damage to both your teeth and your braces. They’re honestly not worth the trouble! But don’t worry, before you know it, you will be back to your normal diet!

A few alternatives in the meantime are thin apple slices, bananas, hummus with crackers or the like. Remember that damage to your braces might mean that you will have to wear them longer than scheduled and no one wants that!

In the end, it is all worth the beautiful smile because a smile lasts a lifetime and it will change your life. Call us today to start the journey to your new smile! 604-542-5420.