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Post by: / April 22, 2019

Quiz: Do I Need Braces?

“Do I Need Braces?”

For some, getting braces can take some serious consideration. The trick when deciding if braces are the right choice for you is to ask the right questions. At South Surrey Smiles, we want our patients to be able to get this information easily, which is why we offer free consultations. However, for those who are still apprehensive and want more information before making their appointment, we have developed a brief online quiz that might help you decide to consider orthodontic treatment.

Try out the quick 10 question “Do I Need Braces” Quiz to see if braces are the right choice for you! We are also happy to answer further questions, or help you schedule your free consultation with one of our doctors by calling us now at 604-542-5420!

Quiz: Do I Need Braces?

Do you have an overbite?

Do you have an underbite?
Are your teeth crooked?
Is there overcrowding?
Do you have gaps in your teeth?
Do you like your smile?

Do your teeth bite comfortably and functionally?
Has a dentist ever suggested an orthodontist to you?
What are your parents teeth like?
Do your top teeth stick out further than your bottom teeth?
Do any of your teeth point towards or away from each other?
What do people tell you about your teeth?
Do you think you need braces?