Invisalign on a Night Out: Tips and Tricks


Anyone using Invisalign has heard the drill before: the more you wear them, the faster and better they work. It’s recommended that people wear their Invisalign trays at least 22 hours each day. Yes, that’s basically all the time. The only reason to take them out is to eat or drink, and to brush your teeth and clean the trays. … Read More

How to Travel with Invisalign?

travel with invisalign

Are you tired of the endless rain and feel like it’s time for a holiday? We know the feeling. If you have some travel plans on the horizon, you might be wondering what it will be like to travel with Invisalign so we have designed a plan to help!  This handy guide to help ease some of the worry so … Read More

Does Invisalign Work?

Clear Braces Are Becoming Increasingly Popular, But Do They Actually Work? Does Invisalign Work? This is one of the first things our patients usually ask. Having straight teeth and a perfect smile is a long held dream for many people. However, there is this idea that exists that if you didn’t take care of crooked teeth as a child, it’s … Read More

What is Invisalign?

An invisalign brace

A perfect smile can come in many forms, but most people consider perfectly aligned, straight teeth the gold standard. Thanks to modern innovations in orthodontics, there are several ways to achieve that kind of perfect smile, and traditional braces with brackets and wires aren’t the only way to go anymore. Another way that orthodontists are helping patients straighten out their … Read More

Is Invisalign For Me?

If you’re looking to straighten your teeth or compensate for a crowded mouth, you may be wondering about whether you should opt for Invisalign or traditional braces. Here are the key facts you need to know about how Invisalign works and what determines whether a patient might be a suitable candidate. What is Invisalign? Inviaslign is a series of clear … Read More

Braces For Adults


 It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you need a touch-up for old treatment, or need to fix problems that have persisted since childhood, South Surrey Smiles is here to help. We offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options to get you a perfectly functioning smile that will dazzle. Braces can do more … Read More