Ask Dr WIlliams – Tips Every Orthodontic Patient Should Know

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Q: What are some tips for getting through my orthodontic treatment? Answer: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Dr. Williams, and thanks for the great question. I know that orthodontic treatments can be something of a rollercoaster, and we see people go through all sorts of different stages during the process: excitement, dread, frustration, complacency, and finally — elation … Read More

Are My Teeth Too Bad For Invisalign?


People usually associate Invisalign with mild to moderate misalignment. Usually those with slightly angled teeth or overcrowding that has bothered them for too long. But what about people with severely crooked teeth with overlapping and overcrowding? We often get asked: Are my teeth too bad for Invisalign? The simple answer is… maybe, but probably not! Barring extreme cases, Invisalign is … Read More

Is Invisalign A Lot More Expensive Than Braces?

Comparison the cost between Invisalign and braces

Cost is typically the most common barrier to orthodontic treatment. If you are worried about the price associated with braces or Invisalign, you are not alone! First, it is important to understand what treatment option is best for you. Some patients have the choice between braces or Invisalign, meaning that the effectiveness of each treatment is equal. However, sometimes one … Read More

Invisalign on a Night Out: Tips and Tricks

dont worry about your invisalign when your eat out or night out

Anyone using Invisalign has heard the drill before: the more you wear them, the faster and better they work. It’s recommended that people wear their Invisalign trays at least 22 hours each day. Yes, that’s basically all the time. The only reason to take them out is to eat or drink, and to brush your teeth and clean the trays. … Read More

How to Travel with Invisalign?

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Are you tired of the endless rain and feel like it’s time for a holiday? We know the feeling. If you have some travel plans on the horizon, you might be wondering what it will be like to travel with Invisalign so we have designed a plan to help!  This handy guide to help ease some of the worry so … Read More

Does Invisalign Work?

Clear Braces Are Becoming Increasingly Popular, But Do They Actually Work? Does Invisalign Work? This is one of the first things our patients usually ask. Having straight teeth and a perfect smile is a long held dream for many people. However, there is this idea that exists that if you didn’t take care of crooked teeth as a child, it’s … Read More