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Is Invisalign A Lot More Expensive Than Braces?

Cost is typically the most common barrier to orthodontic treatment. If you are worried about the price associated with braces or Invisalign, you are not alone!

First, it is important to understand what treatment option is best for you. Some patients have the choice between braces or Invisalign, meaning that the effectiveness of each treatment is equal. However, sometimes one treatment is recommended over the other, depending on the individual needs of the patient.

At South Surrey Smiles, we try our best to minimize the financial barrier that scares people off. That is why our price for brace and Invisalign is the same. That being said, everyone’s treatment fee is different. Prices are based on the complexity of the case and treatment time. Therefore, your price will likely be different from your friend’s price. This can be surprising news for people, but all treatment plans are customized on a per-person basis to allow for the best result.

History of Invisalign

In order to understand where the pricing comes from, it’s helpful to know a little bit of history.

The story of Invisalign is actually fascinating! Invisalign was first imagined by a business student, Zia Chishti, studying at Stanford who was getting his braces off. When he received his retainer post-braces, he realized that a series of retainers, or trays, could be just as effective in moving the teeth around the mouth little by little if there was only a way to create a progressive set of trays.

The timing was just right since this was when computers were becoming much more accessible to the public and program applications were starting to affect industries never before reached by computers. He and a partner set out to find programmers move the idea forward into something real and tangible.

When Invisalign first came on the scene nearly 20 years ago, it was an incredibly innovative technology and changed the world of orthodontics. There had yet to be a treatment available to the public that even presented an alternative to braces. Finally! A new solution to traditional braces had arrived.

Like anything new and exciting, it was also expensive. Most orthodontists were resistant to it because it was unlike anything they had ever used before and they were familiar with the tried and trusted system of braces and brackets that they knew so well.

But over time, word started to spread and the proof was in the pudding. The technology worked and you can’t really argue with that. And as more people started requesting Invisalign instead of braces, orthodontists became more willing to offer it.

As the demand rose and technology in general became less expensive for everyone, the price of Invisalign started to come down, too.

Now, as mentioned, the cost of Invisalign today is usually in the same ballpark as braces, depending on the treatment, of course. And there are some cases where Invisalign is not the solution and braces will mean a shorter and more effective treatment option.

Value in Orthodontics Consultations

There are plenty of variables to consider when it comes to orthodontic treatments, and cost is a very important one. And that’s exactly what our consultations are for. Each case will differ and it will depend on the condition and alignment of a person’s teeth as they are.

There are payment plans available and lots of factors to consider, and at South Surrey Smiles, we’ll walk you through it all before you have to make a decision. While orthodontic treatment is a significant investment, it can actually save you money in the long-run having to repair broken down teeth from an unhealthy bite. So, call us to set up a consultation — we would love to help you on the road to a perfect smile.