Coloured Braces

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Kids and teens are utterly thrilled to discover that

They can opt for coloured braces. Why be traditional when you can get a customized look for your smile while it’s undergoing treatment. You’ll be grinning like a rainbow when your colourful braces are applied to perfect your smile.

It’s true—some people are apprehensive about getting braces even knowing that braces will dramatically improve their smile. However, the procedure is easier and more comfortable than ever before. Plus, new braces designs are smaller and sleeker. With far less discomfort, braces can repair problems with bites and correct overlapping or crooked teeth.

Are Coloured Braces A Popular Option?

Traditional braces are still the most popular option for correcting the teeth. Even though there are several new options for treatment, sometimes our Orthodontists suggest traditional braces as the best method for correction. If our doctors recommend traditional braces, ask them about coloured braces so that you can achieve a bright and bold look for your teeth while you’re undergoing treatment.

If you want screaming pink or dusky blue, you’ll be able to choose your favorite colourful shade. Our Orthodontist can provide you with muted pastel braces or a brighter colour that suits your sense of style. Some people actually have a difficult time choosing a single colour. Why not opt for a rainbow effect or a colour pattern all your own—blue on top and green on bottom! These are braces for the 21st century and you’ll love how they look and draw positive attention to your smile!

Still stuck for a color scheme? Choose your school colors or holiday colors. Why not just choose your favorite colors to match your wardrobe? Some of our patients say that their braces are like jewelry. Coloured braces make wearing braces fun. You’ll smile each time you see them in the mirror. Yet even as they look fun, they’ll be doing their job to perfect your teeth and achieve a perfect smile.

Talk to our staff if you have questions about our coloured braces and if they might be right for you. We offer free consultations and can tell you all about each option that might work for you. At your consultation, you will be able to see all the colours that are available. Our staff can even help you choose a great colour combination if you are having trouble making the decision!

Getting braces is always a good idea if they can improve your smile and make you feel even better about the way you look. Moreover, they improve your bite and can make chewing a more pleasant experience for your future! Once you get your braces, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re on your way to the gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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