Traditional Braces

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Traditional braces for teeth

Continue to be our most popular option for correcting bite problems and straightening crooked or overlapping teeth. Traditional braces are effective, efficient, incredibly durable, and very easy to clean. Although there are several other options available today for enhancing smiles, traditional braces are sometimes still the best option.

Metal braces may be exciting for some kids, especially if they equate braces with a sign of growing up! However, not everyone is always enthused about having metal braces. Keep in mind, however, that if you don’t like the idea of metal braces, you can get clear braces that are not very noticeable when attached to the front of your teeth.

Traditional Braces Today

Today’s dental braces are smaller and sleeker than yesteryear’s braces. Because they are designed with comfort in mind, they feel better yet work just as effectively as ever. You’ll be smiling with the knowledge that your clear brackets are perfecting your teeth!

Once brackets are attached to your teeth, wires will be slotted through and the braces will be regularly adjusted. The adjustments of the wires helps nudge the teeth into place with the necessary amount of pressure. Over time, each adjustment gradually affects the desired result of the perfect smile!

Getting braces is a milestone in one’s life no matter what age. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you may need to wear braces for a year or longer. Dr. Williams will be able to inform you about your particular needs.

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Though some people worry about having braces put on, the procedure is more comfortable than in the past. Dr. Williams uses a special technique called indirect bonding, which (in layman’s terms) reduces the amount of time you’ll spend with your mouth open in the orthodontist’s chair! Consequently, the procedure is more convenient than ever before.

Consult with Dr. Williams and her staff to find out if metal braces are ideal for your smile’s needs. Imagine how great it will feel to look into the mirror and see a dazzling set of teeth smiling back at you. You’ll be grinning for the whole world to see once your braces have done their work.

You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Williams to learn more about treatment options for your teeth. If metal braces are the recommended option, Dr. Williams will tell you everything you need to know about their care requirements and how they can improve your teeth in time.