how to get my braces off
Post by: / June 26, 2018

Tips on how to get my braces off faster

Many of our patients ask us how they can speed treatment up. Let us share a few tips on how to get your braces off faster!

How to get braces off faster

  • Avoid certain foods

This includes hard and sticky foods like hard candy and toffee. Other things like corn on the cob and even apples can can pull or break brackets off. This damage to the braces can cause a delay in treatment time and set you back a month or two. Don’t worry – we do have tricks to share that will help you still be able to enjoy many of these foods (cut the corn off the cob, cut apples into smaller pieces!). Read our article “Best Food For Braces“.

  • Brush and floss regularly

Keeping up with excellent oral hygiene is a huge part of getting braces. And it takes some getting used to both brushing and flossing once the braces are applied. You simply have so many more places for food chunks to hide and plaque to build up. This makes flossing even more important; it will take some practice to get the hang of flossing between the wires. Good oral hygiene can allow the teeth to move more freely because there is no debris in the way of their movement, and it will help keep your teeth and gums strong.

Additionally, if you are not taking care of your hygiene, your teeth will not be in good condition during and after you get your braces off, which could result in further treatment. Read our article “HOW TO: Brush with Braces”

  • Come to all of your appointments on time!

Your appointments are a crucial part of your treatment since thats when your orthodontist will make adjustments to keep your teeth moving. If you miss an appointment, your teeth will simply stay where they are and the treatment will take longer.

If you have to miss an appointment, call and reschedule for as soon as possibledont skip a whole month entirely. Making sure you come to the appointments routinely allows the process to flow smoothly.

  •  Follow instructions

In many cases, patients have homework, like wearing elastics. These key instructions are a huge factor in getting braces off early and your orthodontist will give you detailed instructions on what to do. This part is really up to you! We cannot speed up the process if the work at home is not being done on a regular basis.

These are helpful tips to make sure that your orthodontic treatment finishes on time and in some cases, earlier. However, it is important to remember that in order to move the teeth in a healthy way, slow and steady is key. If you do your part with avoiding hard & sticky foods, brushing & flossing regularly, coming to appointments on time, and following instructions then your orthodontic treatment will be very smooth and you will be finished before you know it!

If you are thinking of braces or Invisalign and would like to consult with us what that entails, and how long it might take, give us a call +1 (604) 542-5420! Wed love to help.