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Do I need to get my teeth extracted in order to get braces?

At South Surrey Smiles, we are very conservative about removing permanent teeth. Every patient is assessed on an individual-needs basis and we try to avoid taking permanent teeth out if at all possible.

In some circumstances, teeth do need to be removed. The reason for this is often because the teeth have too much mass for the jaw to accommodate. In some cases, dad might have large teeth, and mom might have a small jaw. If a child inherits both of these traits, it might be unhealthy to keep all the teeth without enough bone support.

Sometimes, people need permanent teeth removed because the mouth is too crowded. This situation may have caused a person’s permanent teeth to have grown in crooked, which is why they now need braces. In this case, removing some permanent teeth will make room for the teeth to be straightened out.

Another reason a person might need to have some permanent teeth removed before getting braces is to account for protrusion. If the teeth are too far forward, or protruding, it can cause the lips to stick out. Be removing teeth along the side of the mouth, it will create more room for the teeth to move back, and therefore lay flat. This can affect a person’s overall appearance, for the better!

Finally, teeth might be removed to correct an overbite or underbite. In this case, the lower teeth and the upper teeth are misaligned. This can cause problems down the road because it will wear down some teeth more than others. It can also affect a person’s physical appearance. Often times, jaw surgery is the ideal solution here, but tooth extraction combined with braces is another option, especially if the problem is not severe.

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There are other reasons an orthodontist might recommend tooth extraction before braces, things like asymmetry in the mouth, or missing, impacted, or even that the mouth has extra teeth.

Having to get permanent teeth removed before braces is not the case for everyone. Some people do not need to take this step as a part of their overall orthodontic plan. Others, however, will be required to undergo tooth extraction in order to get the mouth ready for braces.

What’s important to remember is that every person will be different and will require a specific plan to go forward to achieving that perfect smile. Orthodontic plans do not always include extractions, often times we can straighten the teeth without removing teeth. Orthodontic treatment may seem like a big commitment, but one that is worthwhile. It is an investment in your future and longevity of your teeth and smile.

If you are considering braces or Invisalign and are wondering what the right path is for you, call now to book an appointment with us. Our amazing orthodontists will sit down and help determine what the best path forward is for you.