Message To Patients Re: COVID-19

At South Surrey Smiles, we pride ourselves on being a family-centered practice. Our team and our practice have grown based on an unrelenting commitment to always doing what is best for our patients, patient families, and our team members. In this spirit, we will be closing our office effective March 16, 2020. The rapidly changing guidelines regarding COVID-19 have been … Read More

How Tobacco Usage Affect Your Dental Health

damaged teeth with tobaco

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Even those who do smoke or use other tobacco products often wish they could quit because they suffer devastating consequences from this unhealthy addiction. Not only do cigarettes drain your bank account, and are linked to a long list of very serious health afflictions, tobacco usage is pretty terrible for … Read More

Ask Dr WIlliams – Tips Every Orthodontic Patient Should Know

must know for patients

Q: What are some tips for getting through my orthodontic treatment? Answer: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Dr. Williams, and thanks for the great question. I know that orthodontic treatments can be something of a rollercoaster, and we see people go through all sorts of different stages during the process: excitement, dread, frustration, complacency, and finally — elation … Read More

Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Braces On?

teeth with braces.

Getting an orthodontic treatment like braces means that you are making a commitment to your oral health. And that you are soon going to have a new smile with a row of beautifully straight teeth! Even if the process is daunting, the end result is going to be exciting! Some of our patients ask us if it’s ok that they … Read More

Dr. Williams on Breakfast Television

Dr Williams Breakfast TV

Recently, our very own Dr. Williams appeared on Breakfast Television to discuss South Surrey Smiles’ wonderful Invisalign treatment options for patients. With help from one of our current patients, Michael, Dr. Williams gave a brief explanation of the amazing capabilities of Invisalign when it comes to straightening teeth for a healthier smile. Unlike traditional braces with wires and brackets that … Read More

Quiz: Do I Need Braces?

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“Do I Need Braces?” For some, getting braces can take some serious consideration. The trick when deciding if braces are the right choice for you is to ask the right questions. At South Surrey Smiles, we want our patients to be able to get this information easily, which is why we offer free consultations. However, for those who are still … Read More