Functional Bite
Post by: / March 24, 2017

Why Is It Important To Have A Functional Bite?

Most people schedule an initial consultation with an orthodontist because they do not like the appearance of their smile. “This tooth sticks out” –  is something we commonly hear. At South Surrey Smiles, it is our priority to address your main concerns and help you achieve your dream smile. This is where a Functional Bite comes in.

What Is A Functional Bite?

While orthodontists excel at straightening teeth, there is actually much more to orthodontics. A functional bite is more important that one might think. Sometimes the upper jaw grows more than the lower jaw or vice versa. This can throw off the teeth alignment at the back and cause them to wear down. Some people even experience jaw joint problems because their bite is not working properly.

Orthodontic Treatments Are Recommended For Overbites

Another common reason orthodontic treatment is recommended is for overbites. When the upper front teeth hang down too far and overlap the lower teeth too much, people will experience significant wear on the edges of their teeth. Over time, this really ages a smile because the teeth look very flat and sheered off. Not only does it have a negative impact on appearance, sometimes the teeth can become sensitive as the enamel wears through to the inside layers of the teeth.

Be Sure To Go See A Certified Orthodontist

It is really important to know the value of a functional bite. This speaks directly to the importance of seeing a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics. If you are entering an orthodontic journey, it is important to make sure that you are getting the full package; straight teeth and a functional bite. The sad part is, if the teeth are straightened without bite correction, the result will likely relapse because it is unstable.

Bite correction at an early age sets kids up for smile longevity. If teeth are maintained with proper oral hygiene and a functional bite, there is no reason that the teeth cannot last a lifetime! Call South Surrey Smiles today for a free smile assessment. You deserve a healthy smile that not only looks fabulous, but will last! We look forward to meeting you.