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Why Do The Cost Of Braces Vary From Office To Office?

In this world, nothing comes for free, except maybe the occasional smile. But even those can come at a price, especially if it is one with perfectly straight, healthy looking teeth.

For good or bad, better or worse, we live in a world where to get something done, there is a cost attached. And when it comes to orthodontic treatments, you might find that the price can fluctuate from office to office. You also might wonder why that is.

It is a good idea as a consumer of goods and services to find out where your money is going, and it’s no different if you are thinking about getting braces. So to understand something like the cost of braces, one should think about their orthodontist office like any other kind of business.

So, why does the cost of braces differ from office to office?

Cost of supplies

When it comes to the cost of braces, there are things you see and things you don’t. You can see that there are brackets and wires and rubber bands that need paying for, but there are other things you might not have considered. Things like sterilization, the tools needed to adhere and adjust the braces, and the cost of molds.

All of these things cost money, and the quality of these things can vary as well, which affects the price in the long run. Some orthodontist’s offices use higher quality supplies than others, which can affect the length of treatment and even the final outcome. All of this is factored into the cost of braces and might be passed onto the patient.


The cost of staff and their salaries is one of the biggest expenses that a business faces. And when it comes to orthodontists and hygienists, often the better and more experienced they are, the more they will be paid.

However, hiring quality staff is imperative for any business to survive. A business owner wants people to return happily and to recommend the services to others so that business can grow. If a business employs inexperienced or unfriendly staff just to save money, they will find that the clientele quickly dries up and costs more money in the long run.

Staying up to date

Perhaps one of the most important but overlooked elements to the cost of running a business like an orthodontist’s office is staying on top of the latest information and technology. It is a fast changing business with constant advancements. Some practitioners are more dedicated than others in updating their skills and investing in the skills of their staff.

Furthermore, you can see whether or not an orthodontist has invested in modernity by the state of the office and the equipment used. Some offices have had the same art on the walls for decades, the waiting room has old and tattered books and magazines, and the equipment seems downright ancient.

Staying current and informed about the industry is one of the best ways to draw in new customers. This means that instead of heightened costs, there is more money to be passed on as savings to the the customer. As they say, it costs money to make money.

So when it comes to something like the cost of braces, there are many things to factor in. The quality of the equipment and supplies, the staff, the surroundings and so on. But if done correctly, an orthodontist can draw in more patients with high quality services, which means there is more money to go around and some of that can translate into savings.

Running a business is a bit of a juggling act, knowing what to invest in and what to save on. At South Surrey Smiles, we think it is important to invest in our staff and our knowledge, as well as new technology and high quality supplies, so that we can offer our clients the best possible services.

We know that orthodontic treatment is an expense and that is why we strive to make it affordable and accessible for everyone. We offer customized payment plans because we believe that everyone deserves a chance at a perfect smile. And our (high quality and wonderful) staff is here to help if you have any questions.