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Why Did my Braces Brackets Fall Off?

When braces are properly installed and cared for, the brackets will remain firmly adhered to the teeth, and it is unlikely for the brackets to ever come loose or fall off. Unfortunately, even when braces are initially installed correctly, brackets can get loosened over time due to a number of factors. At South Surrey Smiles, our orthodontists are always ready to work with patients to help them understand how best to care for and maintain their braces so the integrity of brackets and wires don’t become compromised. Should a problem ever occur, it is important to understand why it happened so similar issues can be avoided in the future.

Adhesion to Surface

The strength of a bracket’s adhesion to a tooth depends a lot on the health of the tooth itself. It is far more likely for a bracket to become loose or fall off if it is attached to hyper-calcified (chalky white colour) or hypo-calcified (yellow or brown colour) tooth enamel. Other surfaces that are not as ideal for adhesion include false teeth and metal fillings. While it is not impossible to attach a bracket to these surfaces, it is more likely that brackets will become loose over time, especially if the braces are not properly maintained according to your orthodontist’s instructions.

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Patient Care

One of the most common reasons why brackets can come loose or fall off entirely is due to the patient themselves. That is not to say that braces only become damaged because of a patient’s carelessness. Sometimes it can be difficult to change your eating habits once you have braces put on, especially if you have certain dietary restrictions in place already. It is important to remember that certain foods can be extremely damaging to your braces, and that they should be avoided entirely so the proper realignment of your teeth can continue to take place. Hard, crunchy and sticky foods should always be avoided, and patients should always consult with their orthodontist if they are unsure about what foods will negatively affect their braces.

Should a problem ever occur with your braces, do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance immediately. We are happy to provide the very best in patient care in the South Surrey and White Rock area, and our staff will be happy to discuss the problem and give you tips on how to remedy the issue until you can visit us to have the problem taken care of. No matter what the reason, we are always happy to see our patient’s smiling faces! Alternatively you can visit our Emergency Care page for additional information. To find out more about how you can avoid causing any damage to your braces, feel free to check out our website, or find us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our latest updates.