What The Colour Of Your Braces Says About You!


When selecting your braces, and important question you may have overlooked is: “What colour should my braces be?” If you’re getting traditional metal braces, we do offer a variety of coloured braces for you to choose from, and colour plays a more important part than you may think.

First, the colour of your braces or your rubber bands can complement your outfit. If you’re wearing all red, red braces can help to enhance your look and make a statement. Gone are the days where braces are considered ugly. They can be a fashion statement if you choose wisely.

Okay, so they can help you look stylish. What else? Well, colour is not only good for fashion, but can have psychological effects on you and the people you associate with. That’s right. The colour you choose can not only affect others, but can say a lot about your personality. Here are a few colours with the meaning behind them.

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Blue- Blue is a favorite amongst many people, and for a good reason. This cool colour can make others feel relaxed, calm, and even emotional at times. When others look at your blue braces, they may feel relaxed and know you’re a cool person to talk to! If you choose blue, you can’t go wrong.

Red- Red is always considered the opposite of blue, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Quite the contrary! While blue is relaxing, red gives those who see it energy and strength. When someone sees you with red braces, they will know that you’re a leader and a motivator.

Pink- What happens when you take the energy of red and lighten it up? You get pink. While pink still has the energetic feeling of red, it reveals a person who is happy-go-lucky. People will feel happier looking at your braces and knowing you’re a peppy person.

Green- When we think of green, we think of healing. From fixing the environment to driving freely on the road, green is a sign of healing. Also, those who look at you will know you’re there for them no matter what.

Yellow- Like red, yellow can give people energy. However, yellow is also the color of yielding, and that’s what people who love yellow are. They know when you should slow down and figure out what’s next in life. These people make good business, and even political, leaders.

What Colour is Right for You?

There are many other colours as well, each with their own unique trait. When choosing a colour, you can think about what personality you want to display, or you can be someone who just goes for the colour they like best. Either way, we offer colour braces for anyone in the White Rock and South Surrey area. If you or someone you know wants to get braces, come in for a free consultation. If you want to learn more about our coloured braces, click here for more details and pick a colour that best suits you.

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