Post by: / December 7, 2017

Team Challenge – Clinic Wins!

Our team is always excited to share what we do with new potential patients so we decided to have a little in office contest to see who could spread the word best! Our clinic team was so excited and got started right away. Their grand idea was to head off to the Women’s expo in Cloverdale this past September to spread the word about who they are and what we do! The passion our team has for creating beautiful smiles is so strong because it truly does change our patients lives.

After spending their weekend at the event, they proved to have great success and won the challenge. At South Surrey Smiles, we recognize our team for going above and beyond. To show them our appreciation, we sent them off to have high tea in downtown, Vancouver followed by makeover’s at Blo salon in Yaletown. They were all dolled up with their hair and makeup professionally done for a nice evening spent together in the city
As a team, we spend a lot of time together, but it is not too often that we have a chance to all be together outside of the office. We always have such a blast together and we feel so fortunate to be blessed with such a fabulous team!