Post by: / June 15, 2016

South Surrey Smiles Brownie & Girl Guides Night

Last Monday at South Surrey Smiles’ office we had the pleasure of hosting close to 40 of our local Brownies and Girl Guides for a fun and educational night where we taught them about orthodontics. Each girl got to participate in a number of different activities that gave them insight into the orthodontic profession as well as the keys to good oral health. Although the night was designed to be a fun experience for the girls, each of them was also there to work towards earning their dental badges, which were to be handed out at the end of the night after they completed the activities.

First, we put on a brief slideshow presentation for the Brownies and Guides to follow with a fill in the blank worksheet which gave them a basic understanding of such aspects of dental health as how to properly clean teeth and the importance of flossing. We then included a short segment that covered exactly what orthodontics is, and we also discussed what foods are healthy for teeth and what foods are not. With all the talk of food we had a feeling some appetites would be worked up, so we made sure to have some pizza to serve before the girls headed to their next activities!

At the second station, both Guides and Brownies got to show off their creativity by making “Braced-lets” out of material used to make real braces. The girls got to choose from a number of different coloured elastic chain to make two uniquely designed “Braced-lets”. After they were finished making the “Braced-lets”, they got to decorate a retainer case with stickers and jewels to act as a jewelry case for their new bracelets!

The final activity the girls participated in before they were awarded their dental badges was a little role playing game where Guides and Brownies both took turns being patients and orthodontists. The girls got into some gloves and masks and took a look at one another’s teeth. While they were examining their friend’s teeth, we showed them how to tell the baby teeth and the adult teeth apart. We also gave them a short lesson about bite issues and what a correct Class I bite looks like compared to an open bite, cross bite, Class II, Class III, crowding and spacing.

After the activities wrapped up, we got the opportunity to let all the girls know they had earned their dental badge. We are all so happy for the girls, and we look forward to the next time we will get to see them at our office. It is always such a pleasure to be included in great community organizations like the Brownies and Girl Guides, and we want to thank everyone for making last Monday’s field trip such a success. To get the latest updates about other fun upcoming activities at South Surrey Smiles, feel free to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or check out our Facebook page where you will find photos from the Brownies and Girl Guide’s visit and other past events. You can also visit our website or call us directly to learn more about how you can become a patient at South Surrey Smiles!