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Post by: / April 29, 2019

Park Bench Community Interview 

Recently, our very own Dr. Williams was interviewed by one of our patients mothers for a local community profile about our orthodontic office. Amanda Milford is a local realtor who regularly engages with many of the business owners in the Surrey community. Her family are patients at South Surrey Smiles, and she was kind enough to feature an interview with Dr. Williams on her website, parkbench.com. We feel extremely grateful to Amanda for featuring South Surrey Smiles, and for bringing our practice to the attention of more members of the community.

 As a realtor and community member, Amanda is extremely engaged and brings a positive energy with her wherever she goes, including our orthodontic office. It was a real privilege to be able to share our story with Amanda, and we look forward to reaching more potential patients in Surrey and the surrounding community as a result! See the full interview below: