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How To Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies

No one likes an emergency. The feeling of panic, the extra costs, the distress it sends towards your friends and family. It’s just not fun.

An orthodontic emergency is a little different. Emergencies don’t cause panic, but can still be annoying and costly. Here are the most common emergencies for those who wear braces, and what you can do to avoid them.

Loose Brackets

If not taken care of, the brackets on your braces can become loose, requiring immediate care by the dentist. Loose brackets are typically caused by eating something hard or chewy. Obviously, the best way to avoid a loose bracket situation is to avoid hard/chewy foods. Your braces are sensitive and can be damaged by eating certain foods. Talk with your Doctor for a list of foods to avoid.

Another reason brackets become loose is because of sports-related damage. Always bring a mouthguard when you’re playing sports.

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Broken Spring

Typically, springs can break by losing the rod that’s inside the spring. To avoid this, constantly check the rod in order to make sure it’s not loose or sliding out. If it does fall out, the rod is also an easy fix. Just slide it back in and bite down. If the spring itself is broken, go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Mouth Sores

Braces may cause parts of your mouth to become sore because of all the rubbing, and there’s no way around it. If you develop a sore, use wax to keep the sore bandaged up, and rinse with salt water to heal. Your mouth will soon adjust to the braces, creating fewer sores. No need to go to see your Orthodontist.

Missing Elastic Tie

Like the spring, keep on the lookout to make sure you don’t lose your tie. If you do, call the dentist. Sometimes, you can live without the tie until it’s time for your next appointment. And sometimes, you may need a quick replacement. The same applies to a broken elastic chain.

Missing Separator

If your separator is nowhere to be found, try using some floss to replace it before you contact the dentist. All you need are a couple pieces of floss in order to put the separator back into there. Call the dentist for any assistance you may need.

So as you can see, orthodontic emergencies aren’t too bad. However, there are emergencies that need more care, and when those situations occur, contact us! We serve anyone in the South Surrey or White Rock areas, and we can fix most emergencies. Click here for Emergency Care information.

Braces can be a pain, but by taking the precautions, you can be on your way to a better smile in no time! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more orthodontic tips.