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Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

Caring for the teeth properly usually involves an annual or bi-annual visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning, x-rays, and an examination. Most patients don’t think twice about the use of x-rays, but there are a few who do wonder whether or not digital x-rays are safe. In general, digital x-rays are safe to use in moderation and offer diagnostic advantages that can help ┬áDentist and Orthodontic patients maintain good oral health.

Digital X-rays Are Safer Than Conventional Ones

Most dental professionals today rely on digital radiography (digital x-rays) to capture images of their patients’ teeth. Compared to conventional films, digital x-rays are safer and use much less radiation.

Digital X-rays Are Safe and Provide a Convenient Way to Look at the Teeth

Since this type of image can be instantly viewed on a computer screen, it eliminates a lot of time waiting for film to be developed. Plus, the images can be enlarged, giving Dentists or Orthondontists a clearer indication of whether or not a problem exists. Since digital x-rays are safe and produce low levels of radiation, they can be used at least once a year without any worry or concern on the part of the doctor or patient.

Digital X-rays Are Safe and Don’t Require the Disposal of Harmful Waste

Since this type of imaging process does not require the development of film, there is no harmful waste to dispose of, eliminating the concern over environmental pollution. It also reduces the risk of exposing dental staff to harmful chemicals or waste products. Since digital x-rays are safer to use than conventional film, they have become the preferred method for taking images of the teeth in most offices today.


Digital X-rays Are Safe and Precautions Are Available

Even though digital radiography has been shown to be safe to use, most dentists prefer to limit their patients’ exposure due to the fact that the human body is exposed to radiation from a number of sources each day. At South Surrey Smiles our digital x-ray machine produces 90% less exposure to radiation than film x-rays, and you don’t even have to wear an uncomfortable heavy lead vest. If you have any questions about our x-ray procedures please be sure to Contact Us, we are happy to answer any questions.