Post by: / March 8, 2016

Dental Anxiety: Ask The Experts

“My child suffers from dental anxiety, I am not going to bother overwhelming them by taking them to the orthodontist yet.”

Many children suffer from dental anxiety. It is a very common fear that can sometimes persist into adulthood. It is important to help kids overcome this fear at an early age. At South Surrey Smiles, we pay extra attention to the kids to make sure they feel comfortable. We promise to make them feel very special!

Orthodontics is a specialty area in the dentistry field that is specific to alignment of the teeth and jaws. Bringing kids in at an early age will help them overcome their fears and build trust. Most often with young children, the only thing required is observation. In cases when treatment is needed, it is better to catch it early. At South Surrey Smiles, we will monitor your child for free until they are ready for orthodontic treatment.

To put your mind at ease, you can let the kids know that with the advanced technology, we do not do injections or molds of your teeth at South Surrey Smiles. Our office is extremely gentle and a very pleasant environment.

If you have children that are age 7 or older, we recommend you call us to book their first visit to the orthodontist. No referral is necessary and even if you do not have any concerns, we still recommend a check-up. You will find this first consultation to be very informative. We will take some pictures of the teeth which is fun and easy! This way we can show you exactly what is happening in your child’s mouth, what baby teeth are remaining, and areas you may be missing with the toothbrush!

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