Do I need to wear a retainer? For how long?


Ah, braces. How we love them. And we encourage our patients to love them, too. Because even if they are slightly inconvenient or cause some discomfort, they are well worth the effort in the end. A bright, beautiful, healthy smile is something, well, to smile about! What some people don’t realize about braces, however, is that the orthodontic treatment continues … Read More

Can You Get Braces With Wisdom Teeth?

The answer is YES! Some people suggest that their teeth relapsed and went crooked in their later years due to wisdom teeth, however, there is no scientific research to support this. Science tells us that the wisdom teeth are too far back to have an effect on the front teeth. As we age, just like getting grey hair and glasses, … Read More

Tips to Remind you to Wear your Retainer

A retainer for after braces

If you’ve gone through the journey of braces or orthodontic procedures to achieve a straight, beautiful and healthy smile, the last thing you want is for your teeth to shift back to where they started. That’s where retainers come in—they are the necessary tool that will help ensure that your teeth stay straight, beautiful, and healthy. But, remembering to wear … Read More