Which Braces Are The Most Effective?

Which Braces Are The Most Effective

If you are considering getting braces, you might be driving yourself crazy researching what’s available on the market. Or by trying to decide which treatment is right for you and which braces are the most effective? The best way to make a decision is to visit South Surrey Smiles for a consultation so that we can make a recommendation specifically … Read More

Does Invisalign Work?

Clear Braces Are Becoming Increasingly Popular, But Do They Actually Work? Does Invisalign Work? This is one of the first things our patients usually ask. Having straight teeth and a perfect smile is a long held dream for many people. However, there is this idea that exists that if you didn’t take care of crooked teeth as a child, it’s … Read More

Can You Get Braces With Wisdom Teeth?

The answer is YES! Some people suggest that their teeth relapsed and went crooked in their later years due to wisdom teeth, however, there is no scientific research to support this. Science tells us that the wisdom teeth are too far back to have an effect on the front teeth. As we age, just like getting grey hair and glasses, … Read More

What is Invisalign?

An invisalign brace

A perfect smile can come in many forms, but most people consider perfectly aligned, straight teeth the gold standard. Thanks to modern innovations in orthodontics, there are several ways to achieve that kind of perfect smile, and traditional braces with brackets and wires aren’t the only way to go anymore. Another way that orthodontists are helping patients straighten out their … Read More

Best Food For Braces


When wearing braces, it is important to avoid hard foods and sticky foods. There are 2 reasons for this: 1. When your braces are first placed, your teeth will be sore for a few days; you will want to stick to soft foods at the beginning because your teeth will be tender when chewing. 2. The brackets are the square … Read More

4 Types of Braces You Can Get for Your Child


4 Types of Braces Many kids will have to get braces sometime in their lives, and it can be quite stressful for both parties. Kids fear having to wear braces, while adults are afraid of the cost. Thankfully, the world of braces has changed a lot since you were a kid. There are many different types of braces to choose … Read More