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Ben & Maria

This is Ben and Maria

They are patients of ours who seem to do everything together! Ben and Maria have known each other for 14 years, and have been married for 6 years. Ben and Maria have a lot in common including their careers! They met while working as chefs at the Four Seasons Hotel. Ben currently works there, while Maria currently works as a chef at Cactus Club Café. For fun, Ben and Maria both agree that they enjoy travelling because they get the chance to experience new styles of cuisines and different cultures. When asked about her hobbies, Maria added “yes, we like to eat, but no, we do not cook at home!”.

You may wonder what the experience is like to have orthodontic treatment with your significant other. We think this is Ben and Maria’s expertise, so we asked them about their experience!

When asked what made them decide to get braces as a couple Ben reported “it was 10 years of nagging from Maria!”. Maria admitted, that she knew Ben would not be willing to start unless she joined him too.

Since then, Ben and Maria both agreed that the biggest benefit to starting orthodontic treatment together was the shared experience. Progressing in tandem has even promoted a mutual compassion for each other- as Maria puts it “he understands my pain!”. Ben highlighted a very practical aspect of having braces together; booking appointments together. Ben and Maria like to come in together, so they tend to come on the same day of the week, when they both have the day with each other.

A lot of couples would worry that paying for braces for two people at the same time would be a heavy burden, however, Maria and Ben found that the monthly payment options at our office were both flexible and affordable. Having monthly payments at 0% financing is appealing to a lot couples that start treatment together.

Ben:“I have enjoyed getting my braces done at South Surrey Smiles because of the friendly staff, and the state of the art facilities and procedures they use. I always felt welcomed, and like a valued patient by Dr. Williams and all the staff at SSS. I found wearing braces as an adult not as bad as expected, it was like they weren’t even there. It was worth going through the orthodontic process as an adult because it has given me better oral health along with a great smile.”

Maria: “I love how beautiful and clean the space at South Surrey Smiles is, and the staff are amazing! We love Dr. Williams and the staff here, and we always feel welcomed and taken care of. I found wearing braces as an adult to be amazing- better late than never! I definitely wish I did it sooner, but it was worth it! The process went by so fast!”

When asked if Maria had been competing with Ben to get her braces off, she said “YES! You guys are obviously #teamben”.

Ben is just about to get his braces off, so unfortunately for Maria, Ben won that competition!