Are Braces Painful?
Post by: / June 19, 2018

Are Braces Painful?

Many patients have dental phobias from a past childhood experience, a story they heard from a friend, or just simply the fear of the unknown. We understand that laying back in a dental chair can be a pretty vulnerable position to be in, and that is why people are often fearful of pain. What about orthodontic treatment?

Are Braces Painful or Not?

The good news is, getting braces put on is not painful! In fact, at South Surrey Smiles, there are no needles to be afraid of! We are excited to announce that we are a digital office with the highest level of technology in orthodontics, so our processes are easy and efficient for our patients. Most of our patients leave here saying, “Wow, that was way easier than I thought,” or, “When do I get to come back?”

Once the braces are put on, the teeth will slowly start to move. This part is usually a little uncomfortable for the first couple of days. The nice part is, you are in the comfort of your own home while this is happening. Some things that you might experience are:

  • Achy gums – this is normal when teeth start to move. Think of it like going to work out at the gym. If you have not worked out in 6 months and then you go for a work out, your muscles are going to be sore. Well – your teeth have never moved before, so you need to expect that they will be sore too! Luckily, Advil helps this.
  • Sore teeth – having sore teeth is also normal. You can expect that you will want to have soft foods for the first few days. By the end of the week, things will feel back to normal.
  • Braces feel large – Any tiny change in the mouth feels huge. When your braces are first placed, it is going to feel weird. You will get used to the feeling and it will become so normal that when you have your braces removed, you will think it feels weird without them!
  • Some people experience sores in their cheeks – at the beginning, the cheeks are not used to the braces. Sometimes, a brace will rub on the inside of your mouth, and it can cause a little sore. We will give you wax in case you experience this. Rinsing with warm salt water also helps. This usually happens at the beginning of treatment if at all because your mouth is not used to the braces. It will toughen up!

The discomfort that comes along with braces is not unbearable think of how many people have gone through this before you. So instead of worrying, heres a list of helpful aids to help you through your first few days wearing new braces:

  • Advil – if you are on the more sensitive side, we recommend taking Advil immediately after the braces are placed to be ahead of the discomfort (rather than waiting to feel the achiness).
  • Soft foods – prepare to eat soft foods for the first few days. You will not want to have to chew too much. A few ideas area: smoothies, scrambled eggs, yogurt, mashed potatoes, chilli, soup.
  • Cold foods – these feel good on the teeth and gums. It is a good excuse to have ice cream or a popsicle! Just remember to brush and floss
  • Wax – keep this with you just in case you get a sore on the inside of your mouth. It acts like a band-aid to allow the sore to heal quickly.
  • Salt water rinse – this also aids in speedy healing if you have sores in your mouth.

Everyone is different. This should prepare you for the worst, but many of our patients say that their teeth didn’t hurt at all. Even if yours do, it is a short period of achiness and there are lots of ways to manage it.

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And thats it! Its really not so bad.

We hope this helps calm your nerves. And if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation to get the ball rolling for braces, contact us at South Surrey Smiles. We would love to hear from you! Contact us below!

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