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My experience in braces, at South Surrey Smiles, has been spectacular! I have very bad spaces in my teeth and am so happy to see the final product. I have been in treatment for just over a year, and it has gone great. I first went in the beginning of July for a free consultation and then got the braces on in the middle of August. I was very happy to hear how little time I would be in treatment! Getting the braces went really smooth; South Surrey Smiles is one of the few places that put the braces on all in one piece. Regular places have to put it on one-by-one, here they put it on a tray and then put them on all at once. This cuts the time by so much, it only took 45 minutes for everything! When it came time to change them, I was so excited, they have so many colors that I get to choose from. Coming to the office is great ALL the staff are very professional, super nice and literally treat my like a VIP! If I have any questions or concerns I can either call them or talk to them at visits, and they always answer me right away. Another thing that is great about the office is how neat, clean and modern their office is. They are also are very generous! When I come in the office I always love to sit down and play on one of their iPads, have a free latte and they never hesitate to give me new lip balms, toothbrushes, elastics or anything else I need. I only have about three months left and I am so excited that I will be getting the perfect smile that I have always been wanting. On the other hand, I will be very sad not being able to go there every couple of weeks, they almost feel like family. I have been telling all of my friends and family about how amazing this place is! Everyone should choose South Surrey Smiles- Dr. Williams you’re the best! All-in-all- great and nice staff, clean place and the best orthodontist ever!

Vanessa M.

Got my braces off today after only having them on for a little over a year and I’m stoked. They all did such an amazing job and were so wonderful and helpful in helping me get them on and off as quick as possible. South Surrey Smiles’ work is amazing and i recommend that if anyone is in need of orthodontic work then South Surrey Smiles is the place to go.

Mark G.

The office is beautiful, modern, yet has a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is fantastic – friendly and professional! My appointments felt like I was coming over to visit friends. You can tell that the staff love working at South Surrey Smiles. They are always smiling, it is a very happy environment. I wore braces as an adult for less than a year and my result was outstanding. Just goes to show, you are never to old to get that beautiful smile!

Kathy A

The entire staff have an amazing balance between being professional and friendly. Each appointment I’ve been to has been enjoyable and stress-free. Love the environment, the facilities, the service and the experience.

Joyce M.

“Though it wasn’t obvious to me at first, I can seriously see what a difference the staff at South Surrey Smiles have made for me and my oral health. Before orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene was seemingly irrelevant and useless. I have now learned why it is so important and I owe it all to the amazing team at South Surrey Smiles.”

Thomas R.

My name is Bella H. and I have been a patient at South Surrey Smiles for just over a year. When I first came to see you, two of my two front teeth were not coming through because my teeth were overcrowded, so you helped pull them down by putting braces on my teeth.

Before I got my braces I felt nervous but once I got them I didn’t even notice that they were there. I like how you can pick the color of elastic bands for your braces. I picked black and orange at Halloween, green and red for Christmas and blue and purple for Easter.

I really like South Surrey Smiles because when you come in you get to put your name into a computer that tells you what room you are in.   In each room you get iPads while you are waiting and there is an area that you can brush your teeth before your appointment.   Every time I go in I look forward to finding out what is going to happen next to my teeth.

I am really excited because I just got my braces off yesterday and my teeth look straight and smooth. I am happy with what my teeth look like now.

Thank you for all you have done for me!

Bella H.

I was hoping I could have my braces taken off before my daughters wedding, and Dr.Williams made it happen! I love my new smile. Thanks Dr.Williams and the staff at South Surrey Smiles


Friendly staff and beautiful facility. My braces were finished up in only 14 months! I love my new smile.

Steven M.

Throughout all of high school I was jealous of all of my friends who had gotten braces and had perfect teeth. It never crossed my mind to get braces until it was “too late” because I was in grade 11 and I didn’t want braces for my grad year. Even though I was set on not getting braces, I decided to go for an orientation at South Surrey Smiles anyways and just see if I could get invisalign. When I walked into the office I was already pleasantly surprised. The office was so clean and professional, the staff was the friendliest and most helpful people, and the technology was the best and most attractive I’ve ever seen. During the orientation, Dr. Williams and her team explained why braces would work much better than invisalign for me and how fast it would be. They showed me a new kind of braces, which were clear, and you could barely see them so I decided to think about it. I came back after a week of thinking and decided to go for it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. When I smiled or took pictures, people could hardly notice. For my grad pictures and headshots, Dr. Williams took off my wire and no one even noticed the clear brackets. Throughout my time with braces, I got many compliments on them and I was “excited” to go to my ortho appointments because everyone was so supportive and genuinely nice. The 11 months went so quickly and now I have perfect teeth for grad and the rest of my life. I have to thank my parents, Dr. Williams, the amazing girls in the office. If anyone is thinking about getting them, GO FOR IT. You will not regret it, I promise.

Kylie E.

I Love going to my appointments at South Surrey Smiles! Everyone is always so friendly and happy to see me! I always leave feeling good!

Nicola H.

At 58 years old I had to change my bite which meant braces for 15 months. This was the best decision of my life.

Dr. Williams and her team are professional, friendly, fun and always interested in your needs. My experience was fantastic – who knew wearing braces could be so easy.

Today my braces were removed, I’m over the MOON thrilled with the results. I haven’t stopped smiling or looking in the mirror checking out how great my mouth looks. I encourage anyone at any age to wear braces, a smile is the first impression. There is nothing better than a beautiful smile supported by amazing teeth.

Thank you Dr. Williams and her fabulous TEAM – you all made a difference in my world. I promise to never keep my mouth closed..

Candace Nordhus

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