Invisalign Teen

teen girl with clear dental braces

A lot of parents are apprehensive about “Invisalign Teen”. They question if their teen will actually wear their aligners consistently? They often wonder if the result would be the same as it would with braces.

The key is, Invisalign and braces are two different tools. Depending on what we are correcting, one option might be preferred over the other. Some patients are given the choice between braces or Invisalign. In this type of case, Invisalign can be a fantastic option! The reason we like Invisalign for teens is because we find that they take ownership of their own treatment and care for their teeth. We have found that when a teen knows what their responsibility is, and have agreed to comply, they take their responsibility seriously because they know that their alternative is something that they have less control over (braces). With Invisalign, teens can also be encouraged to practice good oral hygiene because it is easier for them to succeed without brackets in the way.

The parents in our practice love Invisalign. They don’t have to worry so much about their childs oral hygiene. There are no dietary restrictions which means no extra trips to visit our office for things like broken brackets and poking wires. Most of all, they value the shorter appointments. Everyone has a tight schedule these days and with Invisalign, the amount of time you spend at our office is minimal.
We recently interviewed one of our teen Invisalign patients.

“I liked getting my Invisalign done at South Surrey Smiles because all the people there are very nice and my appointments are not something I am ever scared of, they make it so comfortable. “ – Charli, Invisalign Teen Patient.

Charli is a well-rounded girl who spends her time Irish dance, shopping, playing baseball and experimenting with makeup. Charli is also quite busy with acting lately. She likes the improvisation and creativity that is involved with acting.
We asked Charlie how she managed wearing Invisalign aligners with her busy schedule. Her response was, “I forget that I even have Invisalign on my teeth!”

When we asked Charli to elaborate on her Invisalign experience at South Surrey Smiles, she said, “I didn’t want to have braces for acting because I never see actors wearing braces, and I knew I would have braces on for a while… So, because I didn’t want to miss any acting opportunities, I went with Invisalign. I also love Invisalign because I can eat whatever I want, and it’s very comfortable to wear throughout the day. I can take my trays off whenever I want, and my appointments are shorter at South Surrey Smiles. With Invisalign, there are little tooth colored bumps on some of my teeth, but I like that compared to brackets on ALL of my teeth, like with braces. Getting treatment done at SSS was so easy, I would definitely recommend it to everyone”.